7 Best UK Small Business Grants To Apply For Right Now


Starting a small business can be exciting yet challenging. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is securing the necessary funding to get your business off the ground. Fortunately, there are many small business grants available in the UK that can offer financial assistance.


So, if you need some financial assistance then continue reading below as I share withy ou some places which you can get a business grant for your small business in the UK. Here are seven of the best small business grants in the UK to consider applying for right now.



The Start-Up Loans Company



The Start-Up Loans Company is a UK government-funded initiative offering financial support and mentoring to new businesses. This scheme provides loans up to £25,000 at competitive interest rates.


Alongside the monetary support, businesses gain access to a wealth of free resources such as templates and offers from partnered companies like MOO and Regus. One standout feature of this program is the provision of a business mentor. This mentor, with their wealth of experience, can offer vital guidance and advice to help you successfully launch and expand your business.



The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Program



The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Program is a valuable resource for young UK entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 30. Offering low-interest loans and occasional grants, it also delivers a complimentary four-day Enterprise Program that provides critical training in key areas such as sales, marketing, business planning, and fundraising.


The program’s benefits extend beyond financial support, as participants also have the opportunity to connect with a mentor who provides guidance for up to two years following completion of the program. This blend of financial assistance and mentorship can be an invaluable tool for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch their business.



Innovate UK Smart Grants



Aimed at stimulating innovation, Innovate UK Smart Grants offer substantial financial assistance to small enterprises undertaking research and development initiatives. Award amounts vary, ranging from £25,000 to as high as £500,000, contingent on the specific project.


This grant encompasses a broad spectrum of sectors, making it particularly beneficial for businesses operating in the technology and innovation arenas. If your venture is breaking new ground in its field, an Innovate UK Smart Grant could provide the financial boost you need to take your project to the next level.



New Enterprise Allowance



For those on Jobseeker’s Allowance, Universal Credit, or Employment and Support Allowance, the New Enterprise Allowance offers a valuable pathway to entrepreneurship. This UK government initiative supports eligible individuals aiming to establish or grow their business.


Along with providing a weekly allowance to help meet initial costs, it offers a start-up loan to assist with further development expenses. This two-pronged support structure helps alleviate some of the financial pressures associated with launching a business, making it a worthwhile option for those eligible.



The Growth Vouchers program



The Growth Vouchers program is a government-led initiative specifically curated to assist small businesses in receiving strategic guidance on critical subjects such as finance, marketing, recruitment, and utilizing digital technology for growth.


The standout feature of this program is its monetary matching system – the government matches the funding that a business invests in professional advice, capping at a maximum of £2000. This distinctive funding model can aid small businesses in gaining valuable insights and bolstering their growth strategy without placing an undue financial burden on their operations.



Regional Growth Fund (RGF) programs



The Regional Growth Fund, aimed at driving economic expansion in various UK regions, aids projects and programs leveraging private sector investment to generate growth and sustainable job opportunities. Each program under the RGF umbrella has its own specific application process and requirements for eligibility.


This makes it vital to review the guidelines carefully to ensure your business aligns with the objectives of the chosen program. With a focus on areas needing economic stimulation, this fund is ideal for businesses located in these regions or planning initiatives to contribute to their economic uplift.



Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits


The UK’s Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits are an incentive to drive businesses to invest in R&D. This program allows small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to deduct up to 230% of qualifying R&D costs from their yearly profit, regardless of project success.


This can provide significant financial relief and encourage more innovative pursuits. If your business is focused on innovation and experimentation, this tax credit could be highly advantageous. It’s a unique opportunity to lessen financial risk while pushing the boundaries in your industry.





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Conclusion On 7 Best UK Small Business Grants To Apply For Right Now


Running a business can be very daunting especially in getting the funds that is need to run the business smoothly and this lead many big ideas never to come to limelight when they don’t get the funds to establish their business.


If you have gone through this blog post then I believe that you have gotten some ideas of where you can get business grants for your small business, so go ahead and apply for some one them and you will surely get lucky to be granted one to start your business.


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