Cowrywise – Your Savings, Investment, and Wealth Management Buddy.

What’s Cowrywise?


Cowrywise is a digital platform that helps you make your savings and investment journey easy peasy. With Cowrywise you can now have a safe, digital, and easy-to-use platform that zeros the stress of having to save and invest regularly with its automated system.

Savings on Cowrywise guarantees interest until your set date of withdrawal.

Cowrywise also has this awesome and cool halal feature for Muslims who want to save without taking interest, the best part is it’s all automated.

If you’d like to get started check out their website or get their app via the Google Play Store or the Apple appstore.

Why Cowrywise?


Saving with Cowrywise is the best decision you can make because with Cowrywise you can save securely and safely.

Having a Cowrywise account account ensures you’ll never miss your savings and investment target.

Save and invest on the go, even while asleep, and access to simple and easy-to-use financial tools to help you with planning your financial goals.

With Cowrywise you get the chance to save and invest securely for a long period without having to border about the urge or temptation to tamper with the funds.

Is Cowrywise safe?


With Cowrywise the safety of your funds is guaranteed to be in safe hands as Cowrywise uses several integrated security and safety layers built into the Cowrywise experience. Here are a few of them

1. Bank Grade Security: Our platform, as well as our payment processors, are PCI-DSS certified, ensuring the electronic security of your data. All card and bank data are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to vital information.

2. Best In-Class Assets: Every investment choice available on Cowrywise is handled by qualified fund managers after a thorough screening process. Each of the several mutual funds registered with the SEC has a third-party custodian and follows a standard custodian structure.

Cowrywise also comes with a token-based two-factor authentication as an extra security measure.

The two-factor authentication tokens can be only received from the devices in which it’s being set up.

This applies especially to transactions that are authorized using a one-time code (token), and it goes beyond the usage of passwords and PINs.

Sometimes a Cowrywise account can get flagged, There’s no need to panic it’s just another measure to protect a user and his or her account from malicious threats like hacking and fraud.

An account is usually suspended when there’s a fishy or suspicious activity detected, when this is done accessing the suspended Cowrywise account will be restricted for hours in most cases it takes twenty-four hours.

In addition to the steps taken by the Cowrywise team to make the platform an excellent option for savings and investments, Cowrywise is also registered with the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission.

So users can rest assured that their money is in good and secure hands.

Saving With Cowrywise


Cowrywise provides its customers with three unique ways to save money.

Regular Savings: With this plan, you can set away funds on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for a minimum of three months.

You choose the time frame or how long you want to save your money once when setting up your Savings plan, Cowrywise then makes sure that your money is automatically saved on the days you choose on your savings plan.

Your Savings can also be topped up manually outside the automated savings amount with other amounts of your choice.

Life Goals: If you have a long-term financial long term goal that you’d like to commit to, then this particular savings plan is just right for you.

These plans are similar to the periodic plans on the Cowrywise platform but they have a minimum maturity of one year.

Halal Savings: This plan is a tailored plan for Muslims who’d like to save remotely without having to receive interest on their savings.

The minimum amount you can save on the Cowrywise platform is 1,000 naira. There is no limit for higher amounts.

On Cowrywise you can create any amount of savings plans be it for a house, car, vacation, rent, family, etc as long as it’s okay with your financial targets and goals.

As for how long one can save on the platform, you can keep your fund in Cowrywise for as long as you wish, the minimum duration you can save on the platform is 90 days and no maximum.

Cowrywise’s savings rates are juicer than traditional bank rates because their rates are gotten from the investments they help users with. Investments like government bonds, treasury bills, and commercial papers.

Your earnings accumulate on Cowrywise via compound interest, so your savings compound yearly.

Your earnings can also compound anytime you flip over your plan after maturity.

You also get earnings based on the date of maturity you set for your savings plan, so for each maturity date you choose when setting up your savings plan, there’s an interest rate attached to it.

So the yearly interest rate is broken down into daily interest and paid into plans balance.

Your plans on Cowrywise start to accrue interest the next day after you begin saving on the Cowrywise platform and from there, it’s being paid daily.

Interest payments are made daily at midnight.

Using their intuitive dashboard, you can keep an eye on your investments, savings, and hobbies at any time of day. This is one noteworthy feature.

On the Cowrywise user-friendly dashboard, you can view

The sum and current savings and current returns which is the Balance.

The total amount of interests that you have not yet taken out, that the Current Returns tab.

You can also view the total amount you have received after opening an account with Cowrywise. Check that on the Lifetime Returns tab on the Cowrywise dashboard.

Then on Current Savings you can view the total amount of money that is available as your savings on Cowrywise.

Is Cowrywise completely free?


Although locked savings on Cowrywise are completely free payment partners take charges for processing investments into emergency and mutual funds. Just little fees.

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There’s more to Cowrywise these stats above are just the basic info about Cowrywise.

The platform is great, secure, and profitable. It’s surely the best choice for low-risk investors who want to earn on their savings and for those who don’t.

So if you’re in this category go for Cowrywise.

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