8 Strange Businesses You Didn’t Know Existed

8 Strange Businesses You Didn’t Know Existed


In a world where entrepreneurship is highly valued, people continue to invent unique businesses that defy conventional wisdom. Some of these enterprises may strike you as bizarre, or even shocking, but they are all real and profitable.


Let’s delve into the fascinating world of the extraordinary with a look at eight of the strangest businesses you probably didn’t know existed. Just continue reading to find out what these businesses are below:



Professional Cuddling Services


Craving for some non-romantic human touch? Meet Samantha Hess, the founder of Cuddle Up To Me, a business offering professional cuddling sessions. The sessions range from 15 minutes to five hours of platonic touch designed to satisfy the basic human need for connection.


Numerous clients vouch for the therapeutic benefits they’ve experienced from these snug encounters. So, whether you’re lacking affection, battling loneliness, or just want to try something unique, professional cuddling could be the answer.





The thought of fresh eggs every morning might be appealing, but the reality of chicken rearing can be daunting. This is where Rent The Chicken comes into play. Based in Pennsylvania, this innovative company offers rental services of two to four egg-laying hens, including a coop, feed, and other essential supplies for a seasonal period.


After the rental term, you have the option to either return the chickens or keep them. It’s an ingenious and convenient solution for those interested in urban farming.


Mourners for Hire


It’s no secret that a well-attended funeral is seen as a mark of respect in many cultures. With this in mind, a business like Rent A Mourner in the UK offers a unique service of providing professional mourners to ensure a fitting farewell.


These professionals can convincingly display sorrow and, if asked, even share invented “recollections” of the dearly departed. It’s an unconventional business, to say the least, but it fills a niche for those wanting to ensure a respectable send-off for their loved ones.



Drive-Through Funeral Services



The drive-through viewing service by Paradise Funeral Chapel in Michigan offers a unique way to mourn a loss. This service is tailored for those who either can’t or choose not to attend the funeral in person. By driving up to a designated window, mourners can see the deceased through a bulletproof glass.


This ensures that everyone, regardless of circumstance, can have a moment to say their final goodbyes. This modern take on the traditional funeral service truly emphasizes inclusivity and convenience in times of sorrow.


Crime Scene Cleaning Services


Post-traumatic incidents often leave behind gruesome scenes. After the police investigators and forensic teams have done their jobs, it’s not the end. This is when businesses like Aftermath Services come into the picture.


They have a specific focus on cleaning up areas affected by violent crimes or traumatic incidents, handling everything from blood splatter and bodily fluids to residues left by tear gas. Although it’s a sobering job, it’s vital for restoring normalcy and safety.


Portable Sauna Rentals


Ever dreamed of having a personal sauna session at your own convenience? Meet Traveling Sauna, a business that’s bringing this dream to life. Originating from Finland, a country famous for its love of saunas, this one-of-a-kind business now operates in the U.S.


It allows individuals to reap the health and relaxation benefits of a sauna, regardless of their location. This mobile sauna service is a game-changer, ensuring you can have a hot, calming sweat session whenever and wherever you want.


Human Bed Warmers


Are you tired of shivering when you slip into your icy sheets at night? A service from Holiday Inn has got you covered. They have introduced a unique concept of Human Bed Warming. With this service, professionals, dressed in special insulated sleep suits, crawl into your bed, effectively warming it up before your bedtime.


The warmth from their body heats the bed, ensuring that you experience maximum comfort when it’s time to sleep. It’s undoubtedly an innovative approach to guarantee a warm and restful night.



The Smashing Place


In Tokyo lies an unconventional business named The Smashing Place. This establishment offers a unique method of stress relief where customers have the opportunity to purchase plates or cups solely for the purpose of shattering them against a solid concrete wall.


Many patrons find the act of smashing these items against the wall liberating and an effective way to release accumulated stress. With The Smashing Place, the more stress you have, the more plates you can smash! This unusual business is a testament to how entrepreneurship can adapt to cater to modern-day stress-relief needs.




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Conclusion On 8 Strange Businesses You Didn’t Know Existed


The world is a vast place and there are many things out there that you might not know about because they don’t happen in your locality, but if you travel out you will get to see different things which might be odd to you but believe me, other people are okay doing it because it is a part of them.


Most of this odd jobs and business exist mainly in foreign countries such as USA, UK, Canada, and other European and American countries, so if you ever visit there then do well to inquire about them and you will be surprise that they do really exist.


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