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The Evolution Of Piggyvest


Piggyvest is a technologically powered digital platform with the sole aim of helping people manage, grow, and make better financial decisions. Piggyvest is among the first digital investment and savings platforms in all of West Africa.

Piggybank(.)ng was their first name when they launched on January 7th, 2016 as a platform for savings only. It is easy to use, efficient, and a very reliable and trusted platform to save your money in Nigeria.

It’s good to know that piggyvest is also licensed with the CBN and as well the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation, which also has licenses and registrations from all the required agencies in Nigeria:


Piggyvest offered only savings under the former name of Piggybank for 3 years, after which they rebranded to piggyvest giving them the leverage they needed to start offering direct investment opportunities to users, savings inclusive.

Piggyvest has helped its 3,890,000 users which is still counting to manage their finances and make smarter money decisions all the while maintaining a high level of transparency and simplicity.

The astonishing part is that users have invested and saved billions of naira every month which they would have spent.

Piggyvest offers its users 7% and 35% interest rates annually but depends on the option chosen.

Is Piggyvest trusted?


Well for a platform that has been in business since 2016, it’s safe to say that piggyvest is a secure and reliable savings platform—having been licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria.

How To Get Started with Your Savings Goal


To get started on using piggyvest and understanding its purpose.

All you have to do is head to Piggyvest’s official website or get their app on the Play Store.

Could you open it and create a free account?
Provide the necessary required details as well as documents that will be required to verify your account and identity

How To Choose The Best Savings Plan and Make The Best Investment Decisions On Piggyvest


Managing one’s finances as a Nigerian is a tough hurdle, no matter the effort you put in, how much you earn, and where you work.

But that’s what piggyvest is here to change, piggyvest offers its users five super easy savings and low or no investment plans and opportunities to help them increase their finances.

A sneak peek into Piggyvest’s awesome savings and investment opportunities


A safe lock is a savings plan on piggyvest that is fixed, users can earn up to 12% annually, interest is paid upfront and the least period users can leave their funds is ten days

Users can also leave their money on the platform for as long as they wish, it’s recommended users keep their funds locked away for a longer period as their returns depend on the period of days their funds are been locked away.

Using the safe lock is the biggest plan

Login to piggyvest with the website or app

Look for savings

Select the safe lock and click Create a Safelock

Select the duration of time you want your funds to be locked out

Create a title and enter the amount to be locked out

Choose your preferred payback date and select what means to credit your safe lock
Click Create and that is it.

The benefit of the safe lock savings plan is the interest you get and it helps reduce the urge to spend too much and unnecessarily, especially when there is too much inflow of cash, the safety of it is another to consider

Moving to another one on the list is the piggybank plan.

Now this piggybank plan is an automatic savings plan that lets you save either daily, weekly, or monthly.

With this plan, you can get 10% per annum interest. It’s an awesome plan if you plan to look for a way to increase your cash while saving it.

The piggybank plan is also a great way to develop a sound savings culture. There is an option to add money to your piggybank plan manually

Setting up the piggybank plan


First things first, make sure you logged in to the piggyvest app or website

“Savings” is the next direction to take

Select piggybank and allow the autosave

Set up your own autosave preferred plan, I.E if you wish to save weekly

Continue to the next option and select how where you want your plan to be funded

Choose your time to start

Then complete

You also have the option to add funds manually to your piggy bank.

Moving on to the next one piggyvest flex naira

Piggyvest Flex Naira is a savings plan that offers you flexibility and easy access to your funds on the piggyvest platform with the Flex Naira wallets you can receive interest from all other wallets.

The rule on the flex naira plan states that withdrawing more than four times a month leads to forfeiting all flex naira savings interest for that month.

The Flex Naira savings plan can be found under the savings page of the app.

Other savings plan on the platform includes the investify plan.

The investify plan is a feature that gives you a chance to invest in pre-screened, not much risk, investment options both primary and secondary.

The minimum investment capital depends on the current investment opportunity at hand.

The interest rate on investify comes a good annual 35%.

All you have to do is go to the savings page

Select invest, make your choice of investment type, and invest.

It is straightforward.

All you need to do afterward is sit back and enjoy the show.

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Conclusion: Piggyvest Is A Sure Way To Change Your Finance Game

For a platform that has been around since 2016, it shows that piggyvest is safe, reliable, and trustworthy which makes it the go-to platform for savings and great investment opportunities.

Piggyvest is licensed with the required financial agencies as well as CBN itself which displays the platform’s transparency.

Alongside they have great customer care, that’s always available to handle customer issues.

With 15% interest rates on savings and 35% on investments, piggyvest is surely the go-to platform for those looking to do something different to their finances.

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