Opay- Make Seamless Payment Across Nigeria.

What’s Opay?


Opay is a digital payment tool that lets you pay bills, set up various savings accounts, and make transactions to various Nigerian banks. opay also offers physical and virtual card services which are both verve.


Opay is a payment platform insured by the NDIC giving you the assurance that your funds are being kept safe.


With Opay your phone number without the starting “0” is your Opay account number, another thing that has made this platform gain higher ground in Nigeria is their swift way of processing transactions.



Opay is really an example of all platform applications, that is opay can be accessed from any device and also from the web. Although it doesn’t have physical branches across the country like our traditional banks, its main headquarters is located in Lagos, Nigeria.



Opay uses its agents as intermediaries between Opay and its customers in terms of carrying out transactions, opening accounts, and handling disputes.

The Genesis Of Opay


Opay was birthed by the popular opera browser as it was supposed to be an in-wallet feature for the browser but later made to be a stand-alone platform. it currently has over 34+ million active users and 495,000+ agents across Nigeria.



The platform is also making its way into other African countries like Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tunisia, and beyond.



Even with that, there’s no news if it will soon include cross-border payment in the near future. it was originally founded in 2018. the platform’s main target is to make sure that everyone gets access to a working hassle-free banking system



Registering and getting started with Opay is very simple, all you have to do is simply go to

  • google play store or your app store
    sign up with your phone number or Gmail
    then follow up the instructions there afterward to continue.

initially you can only transact below 50,000 as a new and unverified user.



To be able to increase your transaction limit you’ll need your local identification documents such as bank verification number (BVN), national identification number (NIN), driver’s license, and international passport.


Once you’ve done that you can now carry out larger transactions.


You can also choose to get either Opay virtual card for making online or digital payments or get the physical card delivered to your doorstep or picked up by an Opay agent near you.


Getting the Opay physical or virtual card actually comes at absolutely no cost, delivery rate is fast too


At its initial launch opay made transfers to all banks free not until recently all transfers to Nigerians banks are free for 3 transactions but Opay to Opay transfers are free.


Opay has this awesome feature on their platform that gives you the list of banks whose network is poor, supposing you were to make a transaction to a certain bank and the bank is having downtime at that moment, opay notifies you about it, that way you make that transaction and get stuck in the end.


There’s never a dull moment using Opay and there are hardly any delays in transactions.


Your Opay account is empty and you need to make some funds transactions, worry less if you have linked your local bank card already be now all you just need to do choose your card as the payment option, and automatically your bank will debit and your Opay wallet funded.


Opay finance feature



Opay has many other finance options like the spend and save which is a really good feature on the app that saves 10% of whatever amount you make in transactions.



Owealth is a feature that lets you earn interest while you save, it’s an in-house investment feature.



The fixed feature is a feature that you can use to lock away money for a certain and chosen period of time, you can always choose to unlock fixed savings you made under twenty-four hours of creating the savings target.
this and more are just a few features and benefits of this wonderful platform.

Speaking of security


Opay top priority is the safety of its users’ funds which is why they specifically built the Opay security team whose core job is to checkmate the security surroundings and make sure that there are no possible threats to the platform either presently or in the future.


Aside from that opay as I earlier mentioned is insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Commission (NDIC) which is also the committee your local banks are being insured with and is being set up by the Central Bank of Nigeria.


But know that the security of your Opay account is in your hands and any details connected to your Opay account should only be known to you, as Opay will not be liable for any breach of security from your own end




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Take your business to the next level with Opay



Despite being a platform for just making daily transactions, pay also serves as a platform for business owners who do medium and large-scale business.



All they just need to do is to upgrade their account to a merchant account with that they can have access to Opay POS devices to be able to run and receive payments from their customers.



Switching to an Opay merchant business account automatically generates a different account number which isn’t your phone number anymore. Having an Opay merchant account gives you access to unlimited transactions and payments. with a merchant account, your business name is your account or whichever name you choose.



So having an Opay account could be a gamechanger for you and your business


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