Pay Attitude is a payment technology that utilizes the user’s phone number to perform all sort of transactions and this is very helpful and also helps foster the idea of a cashless society.


Pay Attitude is a fintech company in Nigeria and it has been around for some years now and people have really come to love and use the Pay Attitude to perform their daily activities.


This blog post will cover some basics that you need to know about Pay Attitude and how to download and use it, just continue reading below as I reveal the steps need to you shortly:




What Is Pay Attitude?



Pay Attitude is a Nigerian fintech solution that allows it users to perform daily transactions such as withdrawal, top-up, transfer, etc by simply using just their phone number.


It is very simple and easy to use compared to the usual traditional banks that have very cumbersome process, the case with Pay Attitude is very different as you can use it with simply just your phone number.



How To Download And Use Pay Attitude


Downloading and using Pay Attitude is very simple, just follow the simple steps below:


  • 1. Go to google play store or IOS app store.
  • 2. Search for “Pay Attitude” and download it.
  • 3. Then install the app on your phone.
  • 4. Register on the app with your favourite phone number.
  • 5. Then start using it to perform all of your daily transactions.


What Can You Do With Pay Attitude?



Use Phone As POS


Some businesses have the option to use their mobile phones as point-of-sale (POS) terminals by installing the Pay Attitude Digital app, if they can afford the additional costs associated with POS. Simply install and register using the Pay Attitude app, and you can begin doing a variety of transactions, much like you would with a point-of-sale system.


Cash Withdrawal And Deposit


Any Pay Attitude experience centre or agent can process any kind of cash withdrawal or deposit with just your phone number.


Receive Payment, Confirm Payment


Pay Attitude Subscribers can receive and securely authorize payment/transfer request from friends and family on their mobile phones using a secured PIN at any time.


Approve Transactions On The Go


With a secure PIN, Pay Attitude subscribers can accept and safely approve payment or transfer requests from friends and family on their smartphones whenever they want.


Digital Receipts


The Pay Attitude digital app allows you to receive precise and comprehensive digital receipts for every transaction, making it easier to keep track of your spending and understand where and how your money is going.



Some Unique Features Of Pay Attitude


Link All Your Accounts


All Pay Attitude Customers can link as many accounts in different banks to their Pay Attitude Digital app so as to enable them to easily do all of their banking transactions from one place only.


Collections With Phone Number


Giving your phone number to the sender and instructing them to send to Pay Attitude is an easy way to start collecting offerings, tithes, and contributions.


ATM Withdrawal With Phone Number

The financial solution by Pay Attitude makes it simple to send friends, relatives, and employees to withdraw cash from the ATM using simply a phone number.


Send Payment Request


With just a phone number, you may effortlessly request money transfers or payments from family and friends, and once they complete the transaction, you’ll receive it in your Pay Attitude account.


Receive Payment Request

You can safely approve payment requests or transfers from friends and family using your smartphone, and you can be certain that your account will always be 100% protected.


Secure Transactions


With just your phone number and a six-digit PIN, you can conduct extremely safe online transactions from anywhere in the globe at any time of day.




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Conclusion On The Pay Attitude App


Pay Attitude is a very wonderful payment solution that is set to revolutionize the way we do financial transactions by making it easier for us.


You can easily download Pay Attitude from google or IOS app store and then register your phone number on it and start suing your phone number to perform all sorts of financial transactions as you will wish.


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